A wide variety of VET courses are offered through public and private colleges. VET providers offer a very large range courses from Certificate I-IV, Diploma through to Advanced Diploma. Therefore, students can study for shorter periods, tuition fee is cheaper, easy to find work with their practical skills. You can study higher if you want to. Most Australian students studying VET, college so they can work and study higher at the same time.  This is a good way because of good you may earn money and study together.

The courses

Popular courses such as :Community services & health care (aged care, child care, social worker, nurse), business & management, communication & information technology, Design & Art, engineering & building, Hospitality & tourism, land management, argriculture, fisheries and forestry, sport & recreation.

English requirements

To study clollge’s courses, you are required to have English

IELTS(academic) 5.5 or PTE( academic) 42 or TOEFL iBT 46 or CAE 47

However, if you cant reach that English level, the college will provide an online test( about 1 hour), if they accept your English level then you can enroll to the course.

Or you can study a package courses: English+ college + University.

Tuition Fee.

Tution Fee for college is cheaper usually cheaper than University 8,000- 17,000 AUD/year (Depending on courses, colleges)

Accomodation Fee .

Student who are 18 years or over.

Homestay :      12,000-14,000 AUD/ year

Share room with friend  : 10,000- 14,000 AUD/ year

Course’s lengh:

Cetificate Course’s length
 Certificate I 3-6 months
Certificate II & III 6-12 months
Certificate IV 1 year
Diploma 1-2 year
Advanced Diploma 1,5- 2 year
Bachelor 3 year

Pathways to Higher Education

When you are holding a Australian college certificate, you only need to stydy 1.5 – 2 years more then you can gain Bachelor Degree.  TAFE courses are often used by international students as a pathway to undergraduate programs at university, especially via the Diploma route. Some TAFEs offer university degrees through affiliated universities, and some offer their own degrees.

Work for students

As a student, you can work 40h/fortnight and unlimited on school holidays.Student can work at restaurants, farms, hotels, selling products, factories, aged care, childcare, tutoring, some office work, delivery, uber eat… with the minimum Australian rate of AUD 17/hour

Type of TAFE, VET.

Three main types: Publics(TAFE), Private & Secondary schools

A comprehensive database of institutions offering VET qualifications can be found at the website.

TAFE – Technical and Further Education.

There are currently 59 TAFE institutions that deliver VET training across Australia. They are government funded, they provide post-school education and training, and they usually have a more practical focus than university courses.

TAFE colleges act independently of one another and have their own premises, courses, and academic and administrative staff. TAFEs can be very large institutions and have more students enrolled than many Universities. For example, most city-based TAFEs have over 50,000 enrolments. The facilities available to students are similar to those in University. Also, they operate across a number of campuses as well as in industry and community venues. TAFE institutes contain some of the largest ELICOS centres in Australia. They are also sometimes part of a University. For example, every university in Victoria except one has a TAFE division.

Private Colleges

There are approximately 5000 other registered providers of VET courses. These range from small institutions that offer specialised courses in one particular area of study to large private colleges which are similar to larger TAFE institutes. A wide variety of VET courses are offered through private colleges. The most popular courses for international students are those related to Business and Information Technology. Like TAFE, private colleges are popular with international students as pathway institutions, since they can provide entry to university studies after completing a VET qualification. Also, some private institutions offer university programs through affiliated universities, and others offer their own degrees.

VET in Schools

Over 95 per cent of Australia’s secondary schools that offer senior secondary programs also offer VET programs to their senior students. This means students can gain practical work skills and VET qualifications as part of their school education.

Students work after finishing study

Students who graduate Universities and Master of work courses / Master  can stay and work in Australia for 2 years. For Master of Research you can stay 3 years and Doctoral can stay and work for 4 years. All graduated students can apply to stay in Australia if you meet the visa type’s requirments. You can check the list of occupations here.


If you are a Vietnamese student and want to study TAPE, VET, colleges in Australia, please note the following points:

Study routine

    • If you completed year 11 in Vietnam then you can study : Certificate III- Certificate IV/ Diploma- Advanced Diploma – Bachelor (if you want to)
    • If you completed year 12 in Vietnam then you can study : Certificate IV/ Diploma- Advanced Diploma – Bachelor (if you want to)

Entry requirements

    • Student who completed year 11 or 12, GPA from 7.00
    • IELTS (academic) 5.5 or PTE (academic) 42 or TOEFL iBT 46 or CAE 47
    • Have good financial ability to pay for tuition fees & living expenses of the first 12 months.

First step documents required include:

    • Highschool transcripts & Degree or Study book (hoc ba) of year 10, 11 if you just finished year 11
    • English certificate (if you have one).
    • Birth certificate or a valid passport

Courses open day

  1. Publics TAPE- February, July
  2. Private colleges: Feb, April, July, October, sometime monthly (depends on college)

Please contact us  3-4 months in advanced before your course starts.


    • Student under 18 years old must stay at:
      1. Homestay or
      2. Boarding school or
      3. Stay with a relative who is over 21 years old and their homstay must be accepted by their Education provider. Relative homestay must have police clerance, working with children permit, Any member of family who is 18 years or older also require a police clearance, working with children check and  have homestay inspection from Education providers.

Note: all above documents take about 4 weeks. Therefore you should give enough time to get it done.

Homstay fee:                                                   12,000- 16,000AUD/ year

Boarding school (including meal, laudry..):    16,000- 20,000AUD/ year

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