When you should apply visa by yourself?

We think that you only should apply visa by yourself when you have decided on your courses and institutions, to compare with other different ones to make sure that :

    • Education Providers don’t refuse your application–  Because it is easy to have a resusal from Education Providers when you don’t meet the requirements, such as insufficient documents, documents not valid, documents not sent ontime, or your statement of purpose is not impressive enough.
    • Don’t waiste your time and money The fact that, it happens regularly for students who have failed their visa application, it costs triple and takes a long time for processing but you are still stuck in limbo chosing the right direction.
    • Don’t fail visa application.  When you apply visa by yourself, there are so many things to do and you are not the expert on this, therefore, it is easy to fail your visa application sometimes just because of a simple mistake. Once you have failed your visa, it is much more difficult when apply for the next time.

Please be aware that the website of Education Providers as well as the Department of Home Affairs  provide very general guidances for all cases. While the fact that when you study, every student has different circumstances including financial, study ability and future career pathway….for this reason you need an expert to assist in chooseing the correct path.

We are co-perating with most Australian Education Providers and have excellent knowledge about Education & Migration, please let us help you to archieve your study goals.

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