XMES services for school students

We provide international school students the following services

  1. Advice to students to pick the right subjects and courses for their future pathways.
  2. Contact with Education Providers to get COE and deposit procedures, compare school fees of both public and private to give student’s the best suitable choices.
  3. Assist to find and complete the documents to gain scholarship, if students meet the requirements.
  4. Assist students to prepare student visa documents
  5. Advise the procedure for students under 18 years old
  6. Advise  accomodation, homestay, boarding schools, relative homestay documents
  7. Book for Australian airport pick up (if stdent require)
  8. Assist to fill all necessary forms such as 157N….
  9. Advise students of necessary knowledge about study and life in Australia.
  10. Keep in contact with students, families and education providers

Please contact us for free professional advice: