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The information below is for your reference, you find out which is the most suitable for you and please contact us for assisting you finding the best course, reasonable tuition fees and the best chance for future career pathway.

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When you find a course, it depends on the follwong factors:

    • Who you want to be?
    • Which area is your strength?
    • Future career opotunities?
    • Where would you like to work overseas or your homecountry?

There are 9 main courses introduced at Australian colleges & Universities

1.       Business and Economics; Accounting;
Arts Management;
Banking and Finance;
Development Economics;
Ecological and Environmental Economics;
Electronic Commerce/Business;
Event/Leisure Management;
Health Economics;
Hospitality and Tourism;Human Resource Management;
Information Systems;
International Management/Business;
Marketing/Public Relations;
Micro and Macro Economics;
Organisational Behaviour;
Property Studies;
Professional Economics;
Public Policy;
Real Estate and Development;
Social Planning and Development;
Certificate III in Business Sales;
Certificate III in Mortgage Lending;
Certificate III in Hospitality Operations;
Certificate IV in Business Administration.Diploma of Accounting/Commerce;
Diploma of Business;
Diploma of Hotel Management;
Diploma of Retail Management;
Diploma of Marketing.Advanced Diploma of Business Management;
Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management.Bachelor of Applied Science;
Bachelor of Business;
Bachelor of Commerce;
Bachelor of Economics;
Bachelor of Hotel Management.Graduate Certificate of Finance;
Graduate Certificate of Event Management;
Postgraduate Diploma of Human Resource Management;
Master of Business Administration;
Master of Financial Management;
Masters of Business;
Masters of Commerce;
Masters of Economics;
Professional Doctorate in Business;
Masters of Philosophy;
2.       Law Banking, Business and Commercial Law;
Constitutional Law;
Criminal Law;
Economics Law;
Environmental Law;
Health Law;
Human Rights Law;
Indigenous Law;Intellectual Property Law;
International and Comparative Law;
Justice Studies;
Employment Law;
Legal Process;
Legal Practice Administration; and
Maritime Law.
Diploma of Justice Administration;
Diploma of Justice;
Diploma of Legal Practice.Advanced Diploma of Business (Legal Practice).Bachelor of Arts (Law major);
Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice;
Bachelor of Business (Law major);
Bachelor of Laws (LLB);
Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice;
Bachelor of Justice StudiesGraduate Certificate of Law;
Graduate Certificate of Legal Education;
Postgraduate Diploma of Legal Practice Skills and Ethics;
Master of Laws (LLM);
Master of Applied Law;
Doctor of Juridical Science;
Juris Doctor.
3.       Agriculture, Environment and Veterinary Science;  Agribusiness;
Agricultural Biotechnology;
Agricultural Economics;
Animal Production/Science;
Coastal Management;
Conservation and Land Management;
Crop Production;
Environmental and Urban Planning;
Equine Science;
Forest Science;
Horticulture;Land and Water Management;
Marine Science;
Natural Resource Management;
Parks, Recreation and Heritage Management;
Resource and Environmental Management;
Rural Development;
Sustainable Development;
Tropical Animal Science;
Veterinary Science;
Wilderness Reserves and Wildlife;
Wine Marketing/Science; and
Certificate in Forest and Forest Products;
Certificate in Animal Studies/Animal Industry Practices;
Certificate IV in Captive Animals.Diploma of Agriculture;
Diploma of Conservation and Land Management;
Diploma of Horticulture;
Diploma of Seafood Industries;
Diploma of Veterinary Nursing.Diploma of Applied Science;
Bachelor of Agribusiness;
Bachelor of Agricultural Science;
Bachelor of Applied Science;
Bachelor of Environmental Science/Management;
Bachelor of Natural Resource Economics;
Bachelor of Veterinary ScienceMasters of Tropical Veterinary Science;
Masters by Research; and
4.       Health Complementary Therapies;
Dental Science;
Medical Science;
Nutrition and Community HealthOptical Science;
Public Health;
Radiography; and
Rehabilitation Therapies
Certificate IV in Community Services

Diploma of Remedial Massage;
Diploma of Dental Technology;
Diploma of Applied Science (Acupuncture).

Advanced Diploma of Operating Theatre Practices;
Advanced Diploma of Nursing.

Bachelor of Nursing;
Bachelor of Dentistry;
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy;
Bachelor of Pharmacy;
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS);
Bachelor of Health Science.

Graduate Certificate of Health Services Management;
Masters of Mental Health Nursing;
Master of Nutrition and Dietetics;
Masters by research of Public Health;

5.       Science;

Creative Industries;

Biomedical Science;
Botany; [thuc vat hoc] Chemistry;
Earth Science;
Entomology[con trung hoc];Environmental Science;
Food Science;
Forensic Science; [khoa hoc phap y] Genetics;
Geology [dia chat hoc] Mathematical Science;
Parasitological Science [khoa hoc ve ky sinh trung] Physics;
Toxicology [doc hoc]; and
Certificate III in Marine Science;
Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques.Diploma of Food Technology;
Diploma of Science.Bachelor of Science (BSc);
Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSci);
Bachelor of Biotechnology.Graduate Certificates;
Postgraduate Diplomas;
Master of Science (MSc);
Master of Applied Science;
6.       Engineering and Technology; Aviation/Aerospace;
Building Services/Construction;
Computer Science;
Chemical Engineering;
Civil Engineering;
Digital Design;
Electronic PublishingMaterials Engineering;
Manufacturing Engineering;
Mechanical Engineering;
Mining Engineering;
Network Support;
Operating Systems Security;
Resource Engineering;
Software Development
Certificate IV in Information Technology;
Certificate IV in Multimedia;
Certificate IV in Technology in Electronic EngineeringDiploma of Airport Management;
Diploma of Structural Engineering;
Diploma of Information Technology (Software Development).Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (E Business or E Security);
Advanced Diploma of Engineering.Bachelor of Arts (Computer Science/Information Management/Information Technology);
Bachelor of Applied Science;
Bachelor of Computer Science;
Bachelor of Engineering;
Bachelor of Information Technology;
Bachelor of Information Systems;
Bachelor of Technology.Graduate Certificate of Information Technology;
Postgraduate Diploma of Engineering;
Masters by coursework/research; and
7.       Architecture and Building; Interior Design/Decoration;
Urban/Regional/Rural Planning;
Urban Studies;
Environmental Planning;
Town Planning;
Landscape Design;
Construction Management;Building Surveying;
Building Design;
Landscape Gardening.
Certificate IV in Architectural Technology;
Certificate IV in BuildingDiploma of Building Design;
Diploma of Interior Design.Advanced Diploma of Building Design.Bachelor of Architecture;
Bachelor of Arts (Architectural Studies);
Bachelor of Science;
Bachelor of Town Planning;
Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning.Graduate Certificate of Development Planning;
Postgraduate Diploma of Project Management;
Masters of Regional Development;
Masters of Architecture; and
8.       Creative Industries; Acting;
Contemporary Craft;
Desktop Publishing;
Digital Media Design;
Fashion DesignFilm and Video Production;
Fine Arts;
Graphic Design;
Lighting and Sound;
Performing Arts;
Visual Arts;
Photography; and
Certificate IV in Entertainment (Lighting and Sound).

Diploma of Arts (Ceramics);

Diploma of Dance (Teaching and Management);

Diploma of Music Performance (Jazz and Popular).

Advanced Diploma of Digital Television Production and Management.

Bachelor of Arts;

Bachelor of Design;

Bachelor of Performing Arts;

Bachelor of Visual Arts;

Bachelor of Music;

Graduate Certificate of Music Studies;

Postgraduate Diploma of Music Technology;

Masters of Design;

Doctorate of Visual Arts; and


9.       Humanities, Social Science and Education. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Studies;
Aged Care;
Alcohol and other Drugs Work;
Asian Studies;
Children’s Services;
Community Services;
Disability Services;
Leisure and Health;
Mental Health;
Social Science;
Sport and Recreation;
Welfare Services;
Youth Work;Advocacy;
American Studies;
International Relations;
Anthropology [nhan chung hoc] Archaeology [khao co hoc] Behavioural Management;
Cognitive Science[nhan thuc] Psychology;
Curatorial Services;
Early Learning;
History; and
International Relations.
Certificate III in Community Services (Aged Care).

Diploma of Language;

Diploma of Outdoor Recreation;

Diploma of Theology.

Advanced Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

Bachelor of Arts;

Bachelor of Psychology;

Bachelor of Social Work;

Bachelor of Education;

Bachelor of TESOL;

Graduate Certificate of Sociology;

Postgraduate Diploma of Theology;

Masters of Professional Ethics and Governance;


Study programe
Chosing study program depends on :

  • Your current English language ability
  •  The entry requirments
  • Family’s financial ability
  • Your future  career ‘s goal

Below are 14 programs for your reference

  1. English . When you want to study in Australia but your English is not strong enough to meet the requirement of the courese. You can study English in a package course:

– Package 1: English+ secondary School+ Certificate I-IV+ Diploma+ Undergraduate+ Post Graduate

– Package 2: English+ Cert III/IV+ Diploma+ undergraduate+ post graducate

– English+ Diploma+ undergraduate+ post graduate

– English+ undergraduate+ Post graduate

– English+ Post graduate

You need COE for all of these packaged courses, DHA will give you the visa highest course ( principle course)

  1.  Prep to secondary school:
  2.  Certificate . For students who have finished year 10, study duration about 3-6-9 months . After these courses, they can work or continue to study a Diploma in 1-1,5 more years.
  3.  Diploma . For student who finished year 10, duration of the course is about 1-2 years. After these courses, they can work or study 1-2 years to gain a Bachelor Degree.
  4.  Foundation . Foundations course providing you an alternative pathway, if you didn’t meet direct entry requirements, to reach your goal of studying a higher education undergraduate or diploma course.
  5.  Undergraduate . For students who completed year 12 and meet English & academic requirements to study Australian University straightway .Duration 3-5 years.
  6.  Graduate Certificate. A graduate certificateis an educational credential representing completion of specialized training at the college or university level. A graduate certificatecan be awarded by universities upon completion of certain coursework indicating mastering of a specific subject area.( 6 months study)
  7. Graduate Diploma. A graduate diploma (GradD, GDip, GrDip, GradDip) is generally a qualification taken after completion of a Bachelor Degree, being at a level between a master’s degree and a doctorate. ( 1 year study)
  8.  Master. 1 – 2 years
  9.  Doctoral . 3 – 5 years
  10.  Summer vacation and study English. For students 12-18 years old with a short vacation of 2- 4 weeks duration.
  11.  Tourism & visit Australian school
  12.  Short study 3-6 months programs.

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