Our services

XMES  provide  free the following professinal advice.:

  1. Courses and Education Providers advice.
    With so many great Australian universities and courses to choose from, deciding where and what to study can be a difficult decision. XMES are here to guide you through your study options and assist with your application.
  2.  Assist with COE from Education Providers
    XMES will guide you on how to prepare the documents to get the COE. We contact the Education Provider to assist you to get the letter of offer and or COE
  3. Transfering deposit .
    XMES  guide you to transfer a deposit to Education Providers and the refund policy of each institution.
  4. Assist you to access a scholarship.
    It depends on which course and institution that you have chosen, XMES will help you to complete the scholarship procedure
  5. Student visa services .
    We assist you to prepare the visa documents to meet requirements of students visa, fill in the forms, pay VAC and follow visa status with you.
  6. Guide you to have health checked.
  7. Assist you to book airticket, Australian Airport pickup (if you required)
  8. Guide you with knowledge about life in Australia
  9. Guide all procedures for students who is under 18 years old
  10. Assist and keep contact with students and their families during study time in Australia.

Please contact us for free professinal advice