Letter from director

Dear students,

Studying & researching normally build the foundation for our lives. As studying is my passion, I recognise that studying is never over. However, some people take such a long time to reach their goals while others take a short time. So, what is the difference?  Because there is direction and guidance from people to help the students who have reached their goals in the shortest time. Xuan Migration & Education Services- XMES was created with the aim of assisting students and guiding them to archive their Australian study goals in the most efficient ways.

Before meeting my husband and migrating to Australia, I have a bachelor’s degree in law, as well as Japanese and English. I have also been employed as a Business Services Manager at various Japanese companies in Vietnam for nearly 12 years. I understand that it is particularly important to have someone who will guide you in the right direction from beginning, because this can save your time and money improving the way you can reach your educational goals.

In my ten years since migrating to Australia, I have seen many students who have spent a lot of time and money to study in Australia. Due to a lack of guidance and assistance, this has resulted in these students extending themselves without reaching their desired goals.

As Australia is my second home, I would like to use my knowledge to assist students who are genuinely motivated to study in Australia, I believe this is a fantastic opportunity for me to help others. Therefore, I have studied Australian Migration & Education so that I can assist students professionally. In 2019, I qualified with a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law from Victoria University, Australia. I studied nearly 100 visa subclasses & citizenship. In 2020, I have completed Qualified Education Agent CounsellorNo. Q 394 by Professional International Education Resources (PIER).

The main aim of Xuan Migration & Education Services (XMES) is to assist students who want to study in Australia but don’t know where to start, how to find the right courses, education providers, or to prepare the documentation for student visa and for seeking for scholarships. XMES is founded for guiding and assisting students reach their study goals in Australia in the best possible way. We help each student to seek a scholarship, get COE, prepare for student’s visa, apply online and all other assistance required until they are studying safely in Australia.

XMES bring students these benefits because of the following reasons:

    • Having been ten years in Australia, we have real life experience, with excellent knowledge of Australian Education & Migration. We can provide students with the most up-to-date information in relation to their study needs.
    • Being sub-agent and direct agent with most Australian Education Providers including prep to secondary schools, TAFE, VET, ELICOS, Colleges and Universities of all States and Territories in Australia, we are confident that our students will have many choices in term of course, education providers, places and comparable tuition fees.

Australia is a peaceful, big continent with a population of 25 million in 2020. It is multi-culturally diverse country. If you plan to study in an English-speaking country, I can say that Australia is the most suitable place for all of you, especially for students from South East Asian including Vietnam because of the following reasons:

    • It is only 8 flying hours from HCMC- Vietnam to Melbourne-Australia.
    • Australia’s Education industry is famous all around the world.
    • The tuition Fees are cheaper compared to studying in UK or USA.
    • Living expenses such as food and accommodation are generally lower than UK and USA.
    • There are many chances for residency if you have good English, and work experience in fields that are currently required by Australia.
    • Australian people are friendly & generous.
    • Diversity of culture and a peaceful environment.
    • Australia is holding the best Medicare system in the world.

Because of many reasons as mentioned above, I would like to assist you to achieve your goals and feel safe in my beloved second home.

Please contact XMES for free professional advice.