Documents for schools in Australia

First step of documents for studying in Australian schools

Please scan and send the following documents to email:

    • Certified copy of the two most recent years’s study transciptions
    • English Certificate (If any). IELTS 5,5, PTE( academic) 42, TOEF iBT 46, CAE 47.

Note: If you haven’t reached the above level of English, school will make an online interview about 1 hour to check your level or you can study Foundation (Bổ túc văn hóa)

    • Birth Certificate or Valid passport, page with picture
    • Other awards such as arts, sports, language, charity …
    • Students’s parents or partner (if married) total annual income of AUD 60,000, tax invoice, saving account, land, house, other assets, house for rent contracts…

Students under 18 years old

Students under 18 years old have to stay at boarding school or homestay or a relatives home which is registered and accepted by an authority officer.

  1. Boarding school. Many non-government secondary schools provide accommodation, meals and laundry services for international students. Tuition fees are in addition to the boarding fees. It costs approximate A$10,000 – 20,000 per year
  2. Homestay.This is popular with younger students and those studying short-term English courses. Students can live with an Australian family, gain access to the Australian lifestyle and practise English in a natural and friendly way. Meals are usually included in the cost and single or shared rooms may be offered. Education providers must ensure that homestay families are reputable, and that they offer good accommodation. It costs approximate A$10,000 – 14 ,000 per year
  3. Relative homestay. Students under 18 years old can stay at with their relatives, but the relative must be over 21 years old have a police clerance, working with children permit. Anyone liveing in that family who is 18 years or older must also have a police clearance and working with children permit. The relative home stay must be accepted by education Fill form 157N.
  4. Need concent from parent by written form.
  5. Parent or guadian of student under 18 years old must show evidence of finance and wellfare to supports the student until the student turns18 years old.

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