Fee for studying in Australia

Tution Fee

Schools: 6,000-42,000AUD/Year( depends on public or private schools)

College:  8,000-18,000 AUD/year( depends on courses, public or private)

University  28,000- 38,000 AUD/ year( depends on courses, institutions)

Some courses have a high fee such as Medical :47,000- 67,000 AUD/ Year

Application Fee & Material Fee

Variable (depends on institution, courses)

Uniform Fee

Variety (only required for schools students)

Accomodation Fee

Students over 18 may share or rent an apartment or house about A.1000/month.

    • Student can chose homestay or share room with another friend. Costs may vary considerably : 12,000-14,000AUD/ year. Student under 18 years old have to stay at boarding school or homestay or a relatives home which has been registered and accepted by an authority officer.
    • Farm stay. This offers the same or similar services as a homestay, but in a rural setting. It can be suitable for short stays. A6,000-14,000/year.
    • Boarding school
      Many non-government secondary schools provide accommodation, meals and laundry services for international students. Tuition fees are in addition to the boarding fees. It costs approximate A$10,000 – 20,000 per year
    • Homestay
      This is popular with younger students and those studying short-term English courses.Students can live with an Australian family, gain access to the Australian lifestyle and practise English in a natural and friendly way.Meals are usually included in the cost and single or shared rooms may be offered. Education providers must ensure that homestay families are reputable, and that they offer good accommodation. It costs approximate A$10,000 – 14 ,000 per year

Foods & Drink

costs vary depending on how much you can pay but average about 300- 400 Aud/month

School/University  open day

The main semester 1 begins in February / March and semester 2 is begins in July/August. Some universities open for extra time in October


For English courses, TAFE, VET, Colleges courses open every month

Work for students

As a student, you can work 40h/fortnight and unlimited on school holidays.Student can work at restaurants, farms, hotels, selling products, factories, aged care, childcare, tutoring, some office job, delivery, uber eat… with the minimum Australian rate of AUD 17/hour

Students work after finishing study

Students who graduate  Universities and Master of workcourses/ Master  can stay and work in Australia for 2 years. Master of Research can stay 3 years and Doctoral can stay and work for 4 years. All graduated students can apply to stay in Australia if you meet the visa type’s requirments. You can check the list of occupation here.

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